Pool Parties

There are a couple of options for pool members to have a party at the pool:

Private parties

Pool members can rent the pool for private parties and team parties outside of normal pool hours.

Wednesday’s    6:15 – 8:15
Friday’s             6:15 – 8:15
Saturday’s         6:15 – 8:15
Sunday’s           6:15 – 8:15

Party costs:

  • $150 to use the facility.
  • $30 cash per lifeguard (with a 2 guard minimum). This accommodates up to 40 swimmers. 1 guard is needed for every 20 swimmers.
  • $50 non-refundable deposit.

** More than 2 lifeguards may be required depending on the size of the party.
** Pool may also be available outside these hours by request for a special event.

If you would like more information or to schedule your party, please call 205-631-8635 and speak to the pool manager.

Parties during normal pool hours

Pool members can bring in visitors and pay $5 per visitor (members would come in at no charge.)  This would not reserve or guarantee the pavilion or picnic tables.  You would need to work with the pool manager once you arrive to see if a couple of picnic tables could be made available.