Rules of the Pool

    Mountainview Aquatic Club
    Updated Rules and Policies

    Pool Hours:

    Monday, Wednesday, Friday and Saturday
    10:00-1:45 and 2:15-6:00

    Tuesday and Thursday
    10:00-1:00 and 1:30-4:30 and 5:00-8:00

    During the half hour closures the club will be closed and all guests must leave so the staff can clean and sanitize all surfaces.

    There will be a waiver that is REQUIRED to be signed by a parent/guardian for ALL attendees to the pool. The Waiver can be found on our Facebook page, website, or can be picked up at The Club.


    Social Distancing:
    The number of club participants in the pool area will be limited to maintain 50% OR LESS occupancy per Jefferson County Health Guidelines
    The STAFF will have full discretion to determine when the pool can no longer admit new club members at the gate.

    Should you not be allowed in please understand these are the requirements needed to be open and operate.

    Chairs will be placed 6 feet apart and should always remain 6 feet apart

    Please DO NOT move chairs without first speaking with a staff member
    We understand some families may need more than two chairs

    Upon leaving the pool area, please notify the staff member at the gate so they can sanitize your chairs prior to the next guests arriving

    Tables should be used by immediate family only.

    NO GUESTS will be allowed until further notice

    We understand this may be an inconvenience to many, but we need to ensure our members can enjoy the pool they are paying dues for.

    Per County Health Guidelines only 2 persons may be in each bathroom at a time. Please check to see occupancy and wait if needed.

    Please arrive in swim attire, the bathrooms should not be used for changing clothes before or after swimming.

    Showers will no longer be available for us in the bathrooms

    Additional Rules:

  1. Appropriate Swimwear Required
  2. No Running
  3. Diving Only Allowed in 12 ft Area
  4. No Flotation Devices on Slide or 12 ft Area
  5. No Glass Containers
  6. No Alcoholic Beverages or Tobacco Products allowed on Property
  7. No Food or Drinks Beyond the Yellow Line
  8. Smoking allowed only in Designated Area
  9. No Profanity
  10. Obey the Lifeguard